Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freedom is knowing the Father and the Son

Lord teach me how to be free. Or free me if I am not. In all aspects of life I want to be free. I believe you will see me through any situation. I believe you are with me. Show me this love that sets the captives free. Destroy the chains of self, so I may live. So I may love. Free me from the bondage of the illusions of this world. I believe I am free and made alive. Help me step into this reality. Jesus is alive. He died, and rose again. I will rise with Him. When blood and water hit the ground, I was made free. Show me this reality until it becomes my heartbeat. I want to love without the restraint of self seeking. Without the restraint of ego or pride. This is freedom. I want to be. Spirit of God fill me up again. I desire the desire again. I know what I need to want so bad. My flesh has no recollection of the spiritual experience. Remind my spirit with fire of the Love which you have. Encounter my deep with you. Reign in this vessel oh Spirit of the Son. I will listen until I cant stand to stop listening again. I will work out my salvation daily, today. Give me the strength to do so tomorrow. Thank you papa.

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