Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mandate to Love Before We Speak

Every word that comes out of our mouth is coated with a sort of oil or tar, each being influenced by the heart, each bringing with them the once hidden intent. Vocalizing thoughts into organized sounds, vibrating the air while traveling in time and space until it meets the ears of the recipient. No going back what is said is said, intent is known our hearts exposed. To destroy or build the choice is ours. Our words are the vehicle for the fulfillment of a mandate to Love or a weapon in the hands of the enemy. The condition of our heart determines the color of our words. Test your heart, Test your heart. What is the intent? Consider the implications of our words to be the very thing that is said. The implications will be heard. Maybe even more clearly then the words that were said. You’re heart will be made known regardless of the words you choose to use. We must not only master our flesh but also our hearts. Forcing them into a place of submission, unrelentingly going back to the cross until the mindful revelation of Gods Love transforms the heart of hearts. Until then are we even permitted to speak? To define someone without love is to lay a foundation for a demonic stronghold. We CANNOT love without Love. We cannot love without God. Let our yes be yes and our no be no. In order for our words to be true we must go to Truth for our words. The source. Truth the Man, Jesus Christ. Oh the mysteries of the cross... -B

Friday, January 29, 2010

(Dream) Fear - Storm - Bulding - Pillar - Truth

Dream 1 (Fear attacks)
I "woke up" but i was still dreaming. It was dark and I was in my room. I was struck with fear. I felt like something was on the other side of my door. I grabbed my rifle and pointed it at the door. Then I "woke up" again but was still dreaming and did the same thing. thought I was awake this time so I grabbed my rifle and pointed it at the door... Then the dream transitioned...

Playing catch with a football on a huge lawn with unrecognizable people. The setting was gloomy, windy, Erie. Black Storm clouds were brewng and it was getting worse. I meet up Ryan, Aaron, Britt and Kristen. (I believe this was the group) I asked out loud 'can we go down' refering to a basement. Someone points us to a shallow basment compartment thing. It was only a couple steps deep and was not fully submerged in the ground. Not the best shelter. The storm started blowing over us. It pulled this basment thing off base and slides us down road while inside it. at one point it hit something and stopped so we got out. "at least we are farther away from the storm." I said. as we get out of this structure we get caught in rain floods that start pulling us back toward this storm. While floating in this flood i looked up and saw a ugly black twister cloud forming in distance. as its forming a skull forms in the cloud inside it while twisting. This storm was not of God,it seemed evil, or deat. While flowing toward this storm we swim to the side of the flood to pull our self out in the direction of a building I see. Pull our self out soaking wet we approach the entrance of this building. It was impressive in size and stature. A man wearing an Isreali head piece and old school traditional Isreali garb opens the door for us. This man was emotionless. He was not suprised to see us, and I felt he knew we needed the protection of this building. He was a servant, I think an angel. I knew this building was for the a priviledge people, royalty maybe so I felt out of place soaking wet from a storm but the man seemed ok with it. once inside the stregnth of this building was felt. The storm would not shake this building. I patted on of the pillers while looking at Ryan as if to say "this piller is not going anywhere". Then I remembered the storm and realized it was about to hit us. I got on my knees to hold tight to that pillar in prep for tornado storm. I asked where Kristen was and gestured to her to come down with me to grasp to this pillar. Then I Woke up.

When I woke up I looked around and was not inittially aware of the dream I just had. Then it came back to me. As soon as I started thinking. I need to remember this, the first dream about being fearful and my rifle flooded my thoughts and I actually thought about grabbing the gun and pointing at my door. The fear got intense. I wanted to rebuke it in my mind but was intimidated to even rebuke it because I thought it would retaliate (the fear it self). Then, in my brain I just said 'fear is a lie'. When I said this, I heared/felt a loud sound. It was a reverberating sound like that of a high power laser. The sound really woke me up. It felt as if the lie had been burned out of my brain. I felt this sound. At that point i looked around my room and was almost joyful because i still felt i was in the midst of fear and not afraid. Then I grabbed my phone and started typing. Lol. I ask for dreams and He is faithful right.

have fun with this one bud.

Thank you Lord, keep em coming.

I think the piller was knowledge of God or Fear of God. Not sure. Could be wrong.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Meal Being Prepared (Dream)


I was in a grocery store. A huge grocery store/fun house cause everyone was having a blast in the store. I saw a man who was making some food. I was asking him what it was and that I wanted some. It was baklava and hummus wrapped in panceta. (sounds yummy but very wierd) and then he asked if I wanted to try something. He was very inviting and I knew he knew what he was doing, so i really wanted to. He handed me what looked like some grilled onions. I ate them and they were spicy. He asked what I thought and I said, "there spicy" and he smiled at me and said 'ya spicy' like he knew there was more meaning to that. Then he said, come with me ill show you how to cook something (I think) and he came over to this stand like you might see in a costco where peeps are giving out samples. He lit a fire in the middle of this grill thing, then he took ice and poured it on each side of the fire and then right over the fire. The ice did not fall on the fire though, it just got poured right over it and appeared to be held up by an invisible barrier. I could see the fire flickering through the ice. Then the ice started melting over the fire but it was not effecting the flame. Then i looked up and saw above that grill there was a griddle that was about head hight with a huge steak like piece of meat that was cooking. Kelly was there and she took some salt and and seasoned half the steak. I was impressed cause she seemed like she knew what she was doing, then I grabbed salt and seasoned the other half cause I wanted to be involved. Then i checked the bottom of the steak to see how cooked it was and it was only barley cooked on the bottom portion. The top portion (which we seasoned was more browned) Thats about it. I know he was going to make something really really delicious though. His presence was very pleasent and inviting. And he knew what he was doing.