Tuesday, May 27, 2008

God did something.

It was Sunday May, the 25th 2008. Kristen and I were on our way to marriage counseling with our counselors Shuno and his Wife Deborah. Last year we participated in the counseling when we weren't engaged, so we knew what to expect. Since it is a Christian Counseling, they prayed over Kristen and I after our session. Kristen had to go watch the kids, and after she left the Lord sent the Holy Spirit do something. I am still not sure of the depth of what changed but I know certain things did in fact change in me. I was really discouraged the weeks prior because I have NEVER experienced the holy spirit up to that point and was praying to God for a while for this. Shuno and his wife laid hands on me and were praying which is very normal to me cause I have grown up in a charismatic church my whole life. I even felt emotional and was crying because I did feel the words of knowledge God was giving to Shuno, but that too was something I have experienced and did not phase me. Then He decided to do what the bible calls 'anointing in oil, where he literally took out some 'prayer oil' and placed it on my forehead and began to pray again. This is where it got out of control. It started with a head-ache but it was weird, like a flow of blood going to my head as if I was doing a handstand. Then it literally felt as if my brain was being moved a little. Then seconds passed that and I did not even realize what was happening. Before I even recognized the spirit was on me, my stomach had hunched me over, I was swaying (not realizing it) and I felt as if I was intoxicated, or in a dream state. Then I realized seconds had passed since my last 'conscious' thought. I was upright being prayed for, then for a point I was not even conscious of my surroundings, then I realized the spirit was on me. That is when it got really strange. I started to listen to what shuno was praying for. I felt so far away from 'reality' as we know it so I could not concentrate hard enough to understand the words he was saying. He was only inches away from me but I dont know what he actually said. The weird thing is, part of me understood everything he intended thru his words. His words felt so good going into my soul. The ONLY way I can describe the prayers, is that it was like a river of life coming out of his mouth and into my soul thru my head. I invited it fully and did not care about my physical environment. Mainly, because for all effective purposes, I was NOT in a physical realm. Then I could not help but have this huge smile on my face as I was bent over crying. Then my whole face, hands feet and head where almost numb. At this point they were about done praying and I was 'Coming to' If you will. I looked up at Shuno and he was full of tears to. I was sitting the whole time, but if I was standing, I would not have been able to. At this point my legs were numb and really weak. My hands were shaking my face and body were very dehydrated and I was nauseous. There was so much energy going thru my body that all the food I had recently ate, all the water in my body got used up from the minutes of prayer. I did not know what was normal so I asked them. Shuno informed me that when you get 'delivered' from any type of darkness the symptoms I was feeling were normal. And in that time they were praying for healing and deliverance of certain things from my past. I felt a little sick, shaky, and weak but I was stoked. My faith grew a huge amount on Sunday. God is SO Real and is SO GOOD. After explaining to them that this was the FIRST time I had felt the holy spirit, they kinda laughed and seemed to get even MORE excited for me. Deborah went to her car and gave me two water bottles which I downed immeadiatly. Then they said, I should go into the main sanctuary where the worship service was taking place and 'soak it up'. So I did. When I went outside to walk over to our main sanctuary I still felt the presence of God on me. I felt as if I had just awaken from a really deep sleep as I walked over. I still felt very 'distant' from the physical enviornment that I was walking in. Once I got the the 'Big building' I looked for my parents. I spotted my step Mother praying for my dad and went over. As soon as I got to them I told them what had happend and they started getting so happy, then right away their happiness turned into a feeling of Pure Joy for me. The presence of God came back but it was different this time. When shuno was praying there was a huge physical thing happening very intense because I was getting cleansed from things. Now when I was with my parents in the worship portion of church I felt for a few seconds what can only be described as euphoria. I felt such a joy and love. I looked at my step Mom and saw her in a way I have never seen anyone. I loved her so much at that moment with the most pure unbiased love. I believe I saw her how God may see her. I could not resist, I just grabbed her and embraced her. Then the same to my Dad, It was a level of reality I have never experienced. I had NO care as to what the people around me thought or saw cause I KNEW I was experiencing something beyond them or myself. Then the pastor came on and directed the congregation back to the seats to start the message. I started to 'come to' again and was once again back in the 'physical realm' if you will. (I have no idea how else to explain what I experienced except with the terms and words I am using so please use your imagination i guess) The whole rest of the day the presence was still on me. It was so Cool. This sounds weird but I could hear God so well that day. He saved me from a speeding ticket (told me there was a cop coming seconds before I saw him while I was speeding & told me to give the waiter that night a 100% tip because she is paying her way thru college which I confirmed. She is going to berkley and is living with her parents in the off season and that is what the job was for) So thats it. I cant wait to do it again. God is coming people. He IS coming.