Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Supporting Chick-Fil-A

I went to Chick-fil-a in response to Mike Huckabee's call for "National Chick-fil-a appreciation day". This is much more then supporting a company that not only is vocal about Christian values, but in support of free speech in general. The way the media waged an all out smear campaign against this company was really just evidence of the forces that are at war with some of our most basic inalienable rights. I loved seeing such a mosh pot of people out to show their support. Below are a couple photos...

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hiding light under "freedom".

A higher calling is not a more difficult calling but we so often exchange our peace for something far harder to carry. In doing so we also lose the perspective we had in the higher place. With a stunted perspective, we view the effortless with fear and stress. What was once an unnoticeable bump in the road has become a seemingly daunting task, causing the natural self to step in and "do works". Divine perspective is the pre-cursor to divine peace, and when self is served we lose Divine perspective. Jesus said: "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light". This is why abiding in Him is so very important, that is, to maintain the life and perfect perspective we have when we do so. This is denial of self. To deny self is to inherit life, peace, hope and love. This is how we become visible light to the world. Walking by the spirit is a life of constant referral. It’s praying unceasingly, referring to His opinions and ideas. Should I buy a sandwich? Should I save half for someone? Who should get my half a sandwich?" When we are constantly listening to God for the words to speak and places to go, by default we find our self doing the Fathers will. There is freedom for sure, but why do we continue to invest in that which has no return or worse comes at a cost? By no means have I grown to maturity in this place. In fact it is me recognizing where I have sacrificed my peace for the sake of self which has caused me to write. But I do recognize, and will try to apply truth as I move forward. Please forgive our ignorance Father, our selfishness, our immediate claim to freedom while the world bleeds, awaiting love, awaiting for the light to be revealed. Let us no longer hide from the world behind the guise of freedom. Lord may we be what we were meant to be. Thank you for your Love Father God. Thank you for your Son Jesus. "His Bride is still alive!"