Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mandate to Love Before We Speak

Every word that comes out of our mouth is coated with a sort of oil or tar, each being influenced by the heart, each bringing with them the once hidden intent. Vocalizing thoughts into organized sounds, vibrating the air while traveling in time and space until it meets the ears of the recipient. No going back what is said is said, intent is known our hearts exposed. To destroy or build the choice is ours. Our words are the vehicle for the fulfillment of a mandate to Love or a weapon in the hands of the enemy. The condition of our heart determines the color of our words. Test your heart, Test your heart. What is the intent? Consider the implications of our words to be the very thing that is said. The implications will be heard. Maybe even more clearly then the words that were said. You’re heart will be made known regardless of the words you choose to use. We must not only master our flesh but also our hearts. Forcing them into a place of submission, unrelentingly going back to the cross until the mindful revelation of Gods Love transforms the heart of hearts. Until then are we even permitted to speak? To define someone without love is to lay a foundation for a demonic stronghold. We CANNOT love without Love. We cannot love without God. Let our yes be yes and our no be no. In order for our words to be true we must go to Truth for our words. The source. Truth the Man, Jesus Christ. Oh the mysteries of the cross... -B