Monday, August 18, 2008

The workshop of Jesus (Dream)


...I found myself in an area outside but surrounded by natural looking walls made of large rocks. The walls surrounded around almost completely but there was one portion that led off to what seemed like mining tunnels. Other people were in this area walking around, talking like normal. Everyone seemed content and happy with them self. At this point even I seemed very ok with the situation. For whatever reason I decided to fly. From what I could tell, I was the only one in the group that could do this. I jumped up and flew with ease. I soared over the walls which I believe was surrounded by water (not sure). I remember kind of showing off, and I remember getting many peoples attention when I flew. I came back down, and at some point in the dream, I realized everyone including my self, was dead. Everyone was completely content with the fact that they were dead. At one point I went up to one guy, and without a hint of negativity I asked him, "Are you dead?" He answered, almost proudly "Yes!" with a big smile on his face. It was almost as if I had asked him some trivial day to day question. We both responded to the situation like it was normal. Then I decided to walk thru the mining tunnels I saw earlier. It was very much like you would expect of a mining tunnel. After about 10 or so feet, it branched off. On the left was a door with I believe the letter 'G' on it, to the right the tunnel continued into darkness. At that moment, when I looked at the door I realized I was dead, and the contrast of life was then apparent. I knew the door was the key to life. So excited, I ran back to the group yelling, "Hey everyone, we don’t have to be dead!" We can all be alive. At first I remember people responding to my excitement but then they quickly lost interest after hearing what I said. I was so excited I did not care. My sisters April & Erin did hear me and followed me back to the door. Once there I explained to them, "Look it says Jesus!" But all you could see is the "G". For some reason when you believed in the fact that this door said "Jesus" you could see the word "Jesus" But you could not see it on the door, but internally. Erin tried so hard to logically see the word "Jesus" on the door, she went closer and touched it. I said, "No" kind of annoyed at this point, "you have to stand back and believe" I said "Stand back". Then Erin, obviously annoyed at my impatience, punched me on the shoulder and took of back and out of the tunnel. In an instant I sensed a great danger that was flowing thru the mining tunnel that behind us. I thought that lava was coming thru toward us at a quick pace. I told April "We have to go now" We went right thru the door without even having to open it. And fell into one of those mining containers they use to transport materials out of the mine. It was on a track and under the track was flowing lava. We flew thru this underground rollercoaster experience on tracks that seemed to be just seconds away from breaking, leaving us to the fate of the molten rock. It seemed very chaotic, fast, and kind of fun. Then the train ended throwing us thru another door, we both went thru, then fell down these wooded stairs. When I looked up we were in what looked like a basement that had been converted into a wood working workshop. Everywhere I looked I saw beautifully crafted furniture and decor, beyond any workmanship I have seen from Man or machine. All different types of wood, designs, styles. The atmosphere seemed to be the complete opposite of where we just came from. Calm, peaceful, humble and glorious all at once. As I looked around I saw a man wearing traditional Israeli dress, he was on a ladder grabbing tools or supplies from a shelf above. He did have long hair and I could not see his face, only his back and right side. He was aware of our presence and slowly started walking down the ladder. In an instant the shear magnitude of the situation encompassed my mind and soul at once. This Man was Jesus. And the next thought brought my face to the ground in absolute humility. He was making all of the furniture in preparation of his people. Each detail, each style, each perfectly hand crafted item was for a specific person. The comprehension of his love enveloped me. He loved his people so much, he wants to personally create every detail by hand for our dwelling place in heaven. Jesus, our Lord and God was in a humble basement building furniture, for me. When I fell to the ground I did so to get so low, as if I could become lower then the ground itself. My soul was almost overpowered by the emotion. The power of the spirit and love was so heavy. I was crying from the soul. It felt amazing just to be in his presence. I was not very aware of much else at this point but I am pretty sure April had the same response. Before I could see his face I had already fell to the ground. Although I was not looking I knew he had walked right in front of us, I could feel his presence, and it was very heavy. Then I woke up. I woke up in that instant, completely awake. I almost started crying when I woke up as well, I could still feel the presence I felt in the dream. I was disappointed I was awake. I wanted to go back and be in back on the floor in total submission. But I woke up.