Monday, January 03, 2011

Fire: It Hurts So Good

Oh the mystery. The unknown is a place of testing. A perspective which has just as much potential to inspire fear as it does Awe. Oh how weak we truly are, only a fire can really reveal such an obvious circumstance. Our frailty, our helplessness truly apparent when the flames of trial reveal the true meaninglessness of every worldly asset one possesses. The truth, brilliantly defined when the scorching heat consumes all that which was once a source of comfort or confidence. That which remains is Truth. The density of residing worldly objects parallels the time invested into it which also parallels the intensity and duration of the fire necessary for its complete and utter destruction. ‘Though You slay me, I will trust in You.’ This process of substitution of infinite for that which was finite is knowingly beneficial in its outcome, painful in its process and I trust, never unnecessary. When do we want our fire I ask? On earth while the space once occupied by finite subjects can be gracefully replaced with the infinitude of God’s glory? Or in heaven, when all that potential lost is realized at the Bema seat of Christ? ‘Consider it all joy my brothers…’ ‘…For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceedingly and eternal weight of glory.’ That which experiences pain is due to die, eventuating in the infinite experience of restoration which inherently is nothing less then intimacy with infinitude, our Creator, the Holy one.

Climb With Love

What will I find at the top? What will I discover along the way? We climb for an ultimate reward of summit which few have recorded as have done this, (Paul being one) but the journey gives us a view as well. That is, a view of our self. Risk, reward and fear seem to increase together. Climbing requires strength, steadfastness and fearlessness and how much of my own well being am I willing to sacrifice in exchange for a destiny fulfilled. How will I handle the fears which try to capitalize on my vertical journey? How determined am I? How is this determination cultivated? There is no Reward without sacrifice, no sacrifice without Risk, and no Risk without action. I must move. I must go up. But potential reward is still not motive enough to move much of the time. What causes us to move I ask? I believe, that which prompts us to move is only that which moves our hearts. “We love because he first loved us” We need to cry out for His heart. We are nothign without love. We are without use without love. Love it seems is a prerequisite to use, and Jesus is the prerequisite to Love. If it is fear that prevents us from climbing higher and true love casts out fear, then we must know love each day if we wish to continue our epic journey upward. Love will increase as the elevation increases. Love assures our minds and increases our peace, securing our foothold. Love before you climb lest you fall.