Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Libson Treaty Signed. New Rome?

Just quick important update. The Lisbon Treaty has been signed by all memebers and will take full effect December 2009.

Treaty of Lisbon...

The Treaty of Lisbon (initially known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007 designed to change the workings of the European Union (EU). Having been ratified by all EU member states, the treaty will enter into force on 1 December 2009. The treaty amended the Treaty on European Union (TEU,Maastricht; 1992) and the Treaty establishing the European Community(TEC, Rome; 1957). In the process, the TEC was renamed to Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Prominent changes included more qualified majority voting in the Council of Ministers, increased involvement of theEuropean Parliament in the legislative process through extended codecision with the Council of Ministers, eliminating the pillar system and the creation of a President of the European Council with a term of two and a half years and aHigh Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to present a united position on EU policies. The Treaty of Lisbon will also make the Union's human rights charter, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, legally binding.

So in other words the Treaty will provide a level of sovereignty to the EU like never before, cause human right laws created by the union legally binding and create a full term presidency. This will be the first time since Roman rule that one person will have this much power over all of Europe. Why is this significant? It appears to be an exact fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Read this bit of info I researched in 2006 to get filled in:http://revelationships.blogspot.com/2006_07_01_archive.html At the point that I wrote the article a 6 month rotating presidency of the 'European Council' was in effect, the EU had no real sovereignty, and many members were actively against such a treaty. Fast forward 4 years and the EU is now becoming what appears to be exactly the revival of Rome Daniel wrote about regarding King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

The most exciting part of this revelation, is the events that follow after the rise of the new Rome. Not long after this happens in the biblical prophecy our Lord Jesus Christ returns to establish His Kingdom. Are you ready? Are you ready for this to happen? I encourage all non-believers to seek their heart, and pray for revelation of Jesus Christ. And all believers like said by my buddy Hans, to Immerse them self in the spirit and the secret place. Close the door and meditate! All glory to God through Christ Jesus. Father by your Grace we are saved.